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How true, how true! There are some Space Invaders around and they can cause great discomfort and bits of anxiety at times. Good for you for realizing we cannot change others but we can change ourself and make things better when we do. Thanks fro the reminder.
What a fun and delightful way to get a message across! LOVE the humor, LOVE the writing, but could do without the conviction though! Great stuff!
Forgot to mention that the character is braver than I! Even after the neighbor went to church - I'd still want my space! Shudder at the thought of the shoulder brushing thing! ;)
Loved the humor in this story, you did a great job with it. Neat message that was enjoyable to read - I had a smile on my face, thanks!
LOL - as soon as I started to read this I thought of a person in my life who does that. I am only 5'1" and she is 5'9" and stands really, really close and looms over me. If I step back she comes one step forward, and I am a pretty open person and it takes a lot to invade my space! Too funny.
A great lesson with a smile (and mint lol)
Excellent, written with great wit. A quick trip into 2nd person in the 3rd paragraph didn't detract from the wonderful "voice" in this story. Superb!
Great fun. Your intro confused me a bit at first, but as I got going and reread I got it and loved it. I love Space Invaders the game--the people are a bit tougher. Great humor--a light, fun approach to a topic that might help both the invaders and their victims. :)
Gotta love those adorable, patient, husbands! Every story should have one! ... and every wife, too! Loved the story. I know people just like that. I've learned to stand behind a lot of furniture.... lol!
Oh, this is priceless!! What an entertaining and heart touching read all at the same time! Wonderful storytelling! I love it!
Very very good. Compact, honest, funny - great story that brings the point straight home. God bless.
Don't know why I didn't comment on this on the first read. Wonderul story - boogers included. The parallels to God's space were "right on." This one is a winner in my book. Very well done.
ROFL! This has definite similarities to the aisle 7 story, which I also loved. The way you incorporated two versions of 'space' was clever too. Brilliant.