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So sad ... yet so rich and such a happy ending ... which isn't always the way with life but is when God is involved with people who are His.

I love the line about the One who invented stories.

Magical indeed ... and yet very real and identifiable by many of us.
Yeggs - this is beautiful and precious. And since it is so special I'd like to make one suggestion - your lead in sentence to this place of revelations. I'm not sure what to suggest but I think if the reader was more prepared for where they were going it would enhance all that was to come. I enjoyed this bittersweet journey. It's really a good one.
Wow... this is really touching. Very well done. You have a perfect balance between imagry and story. I think it played quite well. Excellent!
What a beautifully bittersweet creation, Yeggy! I feel like I'm looking into an evocative, living, surrealistic/impressionistic painting. This will stay with me for a long time. You are such a skillful storyteller!
This gave me chills -powerfully written.
Bittersweet, tragic, evocative - I'm not sure how to describe this piece. But I do know that it touches the reader's senses - and heart - in a very real way. There is something special about it (perhaps because as I write this I know that in less than 24 hours my parents will have left and I have no idea when I'll see them again) and the ending was beautiful. Thank you, thank you for this lovely entry.
I'm speechless.
It's a HUGE wonder this one isn't E.C.
This was the most beautiful thing.
I really wish I could say something but "ahhh" and stutter, but you amaze me Yegs.
This is an artform. A masterpeice. Wish I could hang it on my wall.
I don't know how I missed this earlier, but I was just looking through entries for something to put in the Front Page showcase, and here was this gem! Look for it during the week of March 19. Really splendid!
Wow! I am speakless!
I join with the others in praising your entry. I'm so glad I stopped to read it. It is so different and special. What a gifted writer you are.
This is wonderful Yeggy. Well done. Thank you for letting us inside the "empty place."