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Your story blesses me. Yes, we're never poor when we're living for Jesus, when we've come to the point Paul did and can say, "I have learned, in whatever state I am in, to be content."

Thank you for this powerful piece. I hope it places high.
You've told your moving story with great honesty and have clearly achieved a deep and valuable understanding of what rich and poor really mean. Thank you for sharing your insights.
The way you brought this full-circle was quite brilliant. Your opening line pulled me in right away. The inner conflict is one so many of us can relate to.
In my opinion, if you added actual dialog, this would be even more effective. Even if this is a true story and you can't remember dialog verbatim, it's okay to do and is done often in creative nonfiction. Switching some passive lines to active ones would help show more than tell too.
Your writing flows smoothly and you transition from one part to another seamlessly. It's definitely on topic with a clear Christian message. Not only did I enjoy this, but I also was given the gift of insight. You helped me see my dreams and desires in a new way. Thank you for sharing.
Well done!