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This poem was fun! I liked the way to held to the story without making it sound contrived like rhyming sometimes does. Good Entry!
That was HILARIOUS!!!! The title caught my eye and I was not dissapointed. LOL
What a fun, entertaining poem! I tell ya, those cell phones can be a trip! Haha! Great job!
Loved it! Very clever.
I loved this and the timing of reading it made it even better. My husband and I have been searching the net the last few nights trying to find the best new cell phone packages. What a nightmare! I can totally relate to wanting the best features, yet finding cell phones to be carried away (loved the idea of a phone making tea! I'd buy it! hehe)

Great work with turning such a fun and unique idea into a well written and entertaining poem. Hope you place well!

PS - I plan to share this with my husband when he comes home from work. I'm sure he'll enjoy it too!
That was a riot! What a wonderful flight lf fancy :)
Very enjoyable! This was fun! Could be a winner!
This was very funny - I am always in awe of those who can write poetry well, and this was well written.
This is wonderful! Your fourth stanza cracked me up.
One of the most clever poems I've ever read. You definitely have a gift!
Too funny! You know, I wouldn't really be surprised if they start making cell phones that do brew a cup of tea. If it brewed coffee, I'd snap it up in a second!
Great humor, great fun. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
This WAS hilarious! I love the pace and the rhythm. It does take a certain type of talent to write this kind of poem, kind of half poet/half comedian, I think. My favorite line was "And passed the promised satellite, instead of bouncing back". I had to read it twice because it interrupted the pace I was reading at by making me spit laughter all over my screen. :>)
How funny!! My cell phone frustrates me quite a lot. It's never beamed me into the far reaches of space and reality, but I've felt like sending it down to the terra firma many times!!!
I am still laughing... This is a really cute poem. I especially liked...

"And if the line is busy,
It will brew a cup of tea.”

Keep up the good work!
lol! What else can I say? Funny!
I think this is a masterpiece of humor, wit and poetry. A delight that tickles the fancy of the reader!
That was great! Very funny.
I'm just picking out a few entries to read this week. SOOOOO glad I clicked on this one. Fun, fun, fun.
I love this! It has everything. Humor, cell phones, and a little touch of heaven!! Great job!
GREAT! I certainly enjoyed this! CONGRATULATIONS!
Super, wonderful, fantastic, hilarious! A well-deserved placement in EC. Way to go!!!
Too funny. I'd sign up too if it made coffee.
This poem is really good! It's well-written, creative, funny (I love the part about the Earl Grey tea!), and flows very nicely. I hope you will write more pieces like this. Congrats on your win, and keep up the good work!
Delightful, have a wonderful gift for telling poetic stories. I'm a decided fan! :)
So original and lots of fun! Congratulations...well done!
Oh, this was wonderful. I needed a good laugh. Congrats on a well-deserved win.