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Interesting story. So what happened next? Did the girl ever learn her lesson? Why were the police involved? Was the girl someone the family knew and that's why she went into the house? Same for the boy after her, how would he get into the house and why would he want to hit your dad? Details would be great to set the scene for your story.
I enjoyed reading this and would have quickly moved to Chapter 2 if there was one. It brought back memories as I also slipped on a wet soapy floor; It made a big bang.
I really enjoyed this story. You have a great conflict and a fine resolution. There are a few little things you could do to make it pop more. One way I might edit it would be to tighten it up, add dialog, body language, and maybe even the MC's thoughts. This is just a quick example to show you what I mean:
In my neighborhood, everyone seemed to remember The Incident. One night, The Incident changed my innocent childhood. A teenage girl screamed, "Help! Help! Oh please!" The pounding at my front door made goosebumps pop out on my arm. My eyes flitted to my dad, waxing the floor. <i>Thank God. Daddy's home. Amen</i> Dad flung open the door and the girl sprinted inside. (the I and dash are html code for italics.)
You don't necessarily need all the details about Dad since she can show the reader by her actions and prayer, but some could still be sprinkled later.
That's just a quick example, not perfect at all, and not better than your way, but just another way. I find it easier to understand show don't tell by giving an example, but I don't mean to insinuate it's the only or best way to do it.
The other thing that will help a lot is proper comma placement. You have very few commas. I found a resource I love. It gives a quiz at end so you can tell if you truly understand the rules. I use it still on a regular basis:

You've done a lot of things right and have an excellent foundation. I truly enjoyed it. You have a nice beginning, a believable ending, a clear message, and a nice take on the topic. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. You did a fine job.
I found your individual sentences interesting, especially this one: The odd thing was that the only punch thrown never landed.