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I had a problem with the pastor swearing at the phone. Otherwise, each sentence was well written. The ending was a bit hurried for me but the point was well taken!
Me too - on the swearing part - though I confess it happens more than most of us would like to admit. Let's not make it seem like it's okay. Maybe you could have included our hero feeling badly about letting the situation get the better of him. However, that said, this was well written and a great take on "space". I too dislike answering machines, automatic tellers, being "on hold", having to push 47 buttons to maybe hear a human voice and other related things that don't put me in touch with real people. Good insight and application.
Very good storytelling based on a relevant need in our world. Your example of phone contact crosses over into many areas of Christian servanthood. This is a challenge to timely heart and hands on ministry. Thank you!
I, too, hate those "Your call is important to us..." messages. I enjoyed this!
Liked it! I like the concept that God might even use those long annoying holds as part of His master plan. Had the pastor not been placed on hold he might not have decided to staff up the lines ... a life might not have been touched ... a person might not have been saved.

Gives you a little more respect for being put on hold! ;-)
Very interesting article. I enjoyed it. I hope Michael's suggestion is put into practice where I live. It's very frustrating to be carrying on a conversation with a machine that does not give you the answers you want.
Brilliant! We've all been there/done - and sometimes the music isn't THAT soothing. But I loved the Read; the writing was supurb, and the ending was.... back to... Brilliantly done! In fact, exceptional!
PS: Michael was not a pastor; so pastor did not swear into phone. Just went back to re-read-to make sure.
It was a great point. There needed to be more emotion put behind the suffering of being on the front edge of telephone technology when Michael wasn't getting heard to REALLY drive the point home.
I see potential plus in this though...