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Quite interesting. Yes, God made us all different. We should do what we do best and what makes us happy, not what others would have us do.
I loved how you slipped in such good examples...I found my self relating as I used to be the A person but am now enjoying not being her. I saw one word you might want to edit if you submit elsewhere..'out'should be 'our' I think. Otherwise, I think this is well written and flowed well and made a great point!:)
A nice look into your life -thanks for sharing it with us. We are all created differently for a reason, to fill different roles (I used to sub, I know I was watching the clock lol)
A nice personal look into someone's life - and being a type A myself it is good to hear from someone who really does not aspire to be 'superwoman'!
Interesting...sometimes this reads like a story, and sometimes like a devotional. That makes for a very easy-reading piece. Thanks!
Just one question? Is there such a thing as a type A-B woman? Or am I just swinging through the jungle? LOL This is just so natural, and easy flowing! It makes me feel I can be comfortable with who I am, knowing I don't have to conform to being the same model person. I dropped out of different mold anyway. This was well done, good work! I really enjoyed this through and through.
God bless ya, littlelight
Are we soul sisters? I mean 'spacey' soul sisters? I thought I was reading about myself! :) Good writing!
I agree with some of the other comments ... this was really a nice comfy casual read. Good writing and nice style!
A wonderful, comfortable read; and written very well! I enjoyed your Type A, but wondered where I would fit in? The typical odd ball, the loner, the one who enjoys time alone; well, like they said...we're all made different - isn't God great?
Loved your entry...God Bless!
very nice...reminds me that there is always a greater purpose for things that seem mundane- like trips to the grocery.