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I understand where you are coming from! I feel the same way- I'd rather be in the background, but every once in awhile, some attention would be nice.
I too, like to give in secret. It is much like a surprise Christmas present...I think that is why I get so excited about giving during the holidays. I enjoyed your article, and yes, you are noticed every day as Jesus gives you the A-OK! Good job!
You make some good points here.

I wonder if you could make this into more of a story with diaglog? Maybe try telling it from the point of view of someone who received one of the checks. Certainly you've wondered what there reaction was, and what they said. What they told their family members. Etc. Try telling it that way!

I appreciate how you went back to the beginning, and that you weren't trying to take away from what he's done. I feel that's important when something could come across as a criticism, even if it really isn't.
Reminds me of the widow’s mite. It’s not so much how much you give, but what you have left over.