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Entertaining with an important message. Thank you.
Very fun entry! You were a precocious child weren't you? Go ahead you can admit it :-)
Now this piece is what I call, "thinking out of the box." Very creative!
You have done a marvelous job with a wickedly difficult & mind boggling subject! Very creative and makes me want to
put my unimaginative and uncreative mind out to pasture...along with it's pitiful attempt to master this subject! Loved your piece from START to finish! Kudos, my friend, Kudos!
This was fun!! A great new telling of the Bible passage about each of the Body of Christ doing their jobs. :-)
You are a wonderful story teller. Good job!
I love this tale! I've always wanted to write a story about recognizing that we should always cheer one another on without jealousy because God has a purpose for each of us -- and we're all equally important. Security in the love of God is a great cure for jealousy. But, alas, my approach seems preachy, unlike your clever one.
Funny - Very Funny, darn intelligent, I loved every second of this! God bless.
Nice lesson! Congrats on the win! :-)
Very creative and unusual...wonderful point of view!

Congrats on your win. Great message. Great entry.
Wonderfully fun with a great messege. Reminded me of the story of Joseph and his jealous brothers, especially when he forgave them. Congrats!

When I started reading this one, I thought "what is this? dishwasher buttons?"

But as I kept going, I found it amusing and entertaining and you wrapped it up so nicely.

Fun story!
Brad, what a great story! Love the way you give a start button character! Congratulations. Yeggy
Congratulations to you.
I have read the story many times...It sends a clear message.Very creative.
This is fantastic! Congrats on a well deserved win!