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Sounds like you had a rich family history!
There are plenty of things in your family history that could make a good story. I’m glad you have found love and acceptance.
Thank you for sharing with us.
This has a powerful message and was well written!

You did a nice job of going full circle. So many stories in families that can tear that foundation apart makes me sad, yet there is also hope as long as family members are still on earth. Tiny red ink would be to not use an apostrophe to make something plural like the 1970s or the '30s. You did a nice job writing on topic (although I don't think you needed the word scuttlebutt. It didn't feel like a natural word the MC might use, perhaps gossip or rumors might've been a better fit. ), and you delivered a great message. I also enjoyed your subtle sense of humor. Good job.
I love that you wrote about ancestors that you've never known. I, too, have that regret of not knowing even my grandparents. I would have liked more on topic. Good writing!
I enjoyed traveling with you on this sentimental journey. I hope having a listening traveling companion helps you process what is obviously an ongoing journey.