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Woah! I can imagine a lot of this really does happen! I love your last line- well done!
This is a great satire of how so many politicians seem to like to run their campaigns in today's world. I just heard about an ad that had unsubstantiated "facts" in it, yet still social media and networks ran the ad even though it was not true. Your story was a great fit.
I love this piece!

Given the climate of what is going on in this world...this is ripe with truth.

Well done, and great writing.

Honestly, in the beginning, I thought the names were a little childish, but as I read through, I fully understood the point, and was charmed by it. It's a work of fiction, but again, you really identified the new form of news articles that hardly pass as journalism. Very well done!
Sooo much in the way of the world. Loved your 'names' and how you fit them in with character. Great job!
Totally enjoyed your entry. I'm reading Hannah Hurnards Hinds' Feet on High Places" in a new special visual edition, so your allegory held spacial significance.
Well done and congratulations.
This is SO well worth reading. Loved it.