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An interesting contrast of the homeless with animals and insects which have safe havens.
A bit of red ink: I presume when you spoke about the traffic being still, you wanted to imply that the people were also in their place of refuge. However, interposing it between the ants, birds and squirrels and their safe place to rest and sleep made me initially think that the traffic had a safe place to rest.
As you say, many of the stories of the homeless are heart wrenching. Many times it's "There, but for the grace of God, go I."
Very hope filled incident, and a good example of how God's work layers on itself, never completed by one man or woman.

I did, however, think the ending drifted from earlier on in story.

Jesus is brought in, but it was through his people he worked. I would like to see how we can use our gifts, let him work from inside of us to out to effect change.

The end abandons the human element, Christ in us the hope of glory; it ends with power of Jesus, whom we have all seen in the Bible.
In my area, it's the people who don't want help that add to the homeless encampments. Mental illness is the leading cause, and until that is addressed, the problem will continue. I'm glad your area was helpful in this issue.
Wonderful story with a great message, thank you,
I loved the comparison between human and animal habits, city dwelling and rural areas. I got a little nervous when you said that the government got involved, thinking there would be a sad ending. I am impressed that secular and religious worlds were able to collaborate in this instance. It's not always the case. Nice piece of writing, all the same.