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She had "awakened" to the sound...; however, a sweet story, a new start, and the ever difficult words "I'm sorry". Thank you for sharing and God Bless.
Oh, what a sweet story! And a powerful message too. BTW, 'awoken' is in my dictionary and seems to be perfectly acceptable. I enjoyed this entry (and will try to take it to heart!). Great job!
Although I felt the end seemed like you tried to fit a little too much info in all at once (about the pastor, marriage weekend, new beginning, etc.), I still loved the story overall. I especially loved how she would have felt seeing the breakfast tray after her act of selfishness. I felt myself groaning for her! hehehe Nice creative idea.
Cute story - we won't ask if it's autobiographical!
Oh -pays not to act too fast huh? A nice piece with a good lesson :)
I really think this is more than sweet - it's great! You carried us well through the whole episode and it was very realistic - believable. How hard it is - isn't it? ;) I enjoyed this!