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This reminds me of Betsy and the Fleas. The story of Betsy and Corrie Ten Boom in the concentration camps and how they lived with fleas. Same spirit in this entry. I love the honesty in this piece, too! Great job.
Just about ANY believer can relate to this article. Well done. My one suggestion is the transition from complaining to blessing is too abrupt. You need one or two sentences (perhaps without the internal dialog) to make the transition. Good job!
Wow. This is very good. Makes you think, appreciate, and well, lament. I bet this does well.
Lots of pain going on. You are not alone in this- many people will be able to identify with all your laments. Well done! Hope this scores hight.
I'd bet that at some point in everyone's life these questions are raised. I know I've asked some of them and I've heard seasoned, godly people ask them, too. I once overheard my mother ask my dad, "Why does life have to be so hard sometimes?" We all have feet of clay and sometimes we get over-whelmed when it seems our cups are over-flowing, not with good things but heartache, illness or needs. The good thing, as you've so well described it, is that there is help on the way and He will get us through, somehow, someway, sometime. Great piece of writing.
I had a similar "venting session" with God just this past week. Funny though, how when people ask how I am, I always come back to, "But God is taking care of me." I don't know how people survive without Him.

Well-written and touching.
I really like how well you show that when you're feeling abandoned by God, your faith sustains you--a wonderful lesson for every Christian.
Yes...all those questions...and all those grateful thoughts - Blessings
The first line really drew me in. I've had so many similar questions. Once I told a priest (friend) that I had proof there was no such thing as God because it says he'll never give me more than I can handle. This is too much. I can't handle it, therefore there's no such thing as God. My friend didn't hesitate before answering, the only thing that proves is God has more faith in you than you have in yourself. I say the same to you; God has more faith in you than you have in yourself during those hard times. This story shows how God helps us through the hard time and you've definitely done just that. Many will be comforted by your words.
Congrats on your EC!
Thank you for sharing part of your journey of faith. It's encouraging to see the way God provides even in the midst of difficulties. Congratulations on a well deserved EC!
Congratulations on your EC! Happy Dance!!!