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Very unique story. I felt pulled into the doom and gloom of the first part, and was hoping there was resolution to it. I was disappointed that the acceptance and belief in Christ was not presented, but perhaps that was your intent - seeker still seeking. Very thought provoking.
Very interesting take on the topic. At first, I wondered where you were heading, but I like how you showed the perspective of the nonbeliever. I am impressed that you brought it to a close still considering the question of being borne again. I appreciate that it is not wrapped in a pretty bow, but offers time for contemplation.

This is an interesting take on the topic. I smiled at some of the MC's lines. The story jumped around a bit. Having some smoother transitions might help with that. I had to reread the opening line a few times to understand it. You do make some great points to make the reader stop and think. The ending sums things up nicely too. You have a clear message and I enjoyed the way the Bible verses back up your message.
Unique for sure. The opening is kind of like waking up in the deep end - took a bit to get orientated. The MC voice is compelling. A bit of rewriting to smooth things out and this is stellar. Blessings