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I feel like this should be given as a speech. You've covered a lot of topics and issues. It would be better to stick to one or two relevant issues to qualify your take on the topic. It is amazing how many cliche's have been attributed to the Bible!
This is the second Bible lesson/teaching I have read on the topic. I have to admit, I did struggle through the first paragraphs, wondering where this was going. I DO like how you brought attention to a host of inaccuracies in various teachings regarding Scripture. However, I wish more time would have been spent on the Reaping/Sowing aspect.

Strictly my personal opinion. Great writing. Thanks for listening.

This is an interesting sermon. You make some excellent points. As an editor, I can't tell you how many times I've seen writers use only part of a verse or not look at verses before or after in order to make a specific point. One thing I'd suggest you do is tighten your writing some. There's no need to tell the reader what you intend to do next. Also read (or even better have someone else) read your piece aloud. If there are stumbles, pauses, or rereading, you may want to tweak some of the lines a bit. For example, I might suggest an edit like this: Throughout time, people have used parts of Scriptures to make a specific point. Even in the very beginning, Lucifer tempted Adam and Eve by twisting, omitting or even changing God's words. People have continued to use this practice to further their personal agendas. For example, one verse that is often misquoted is...
That is just a quick example to show you what I mean about tightening your writing. People are fickle and with another article or story ready with a simple click of the button, it's vital to grab the reader's attention right away in a succinct manner. You've a wonderful foundation here. You make some outstanding points too. This would be a great sermon, study, or lecture with just a little tweaking. I can feel your passion to spread the Word of God and you have a great grasp of the Bible. Good job.
Lots to chew on here. One thing I love to do is go to the original language and put the words in context to the culture they are speaking to. So many layers. God's word is truly rich and deserves to be fully viewed. Blessings