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You speak the truth! What you shared is well-known and not a unique take on the topic. The following link greatly helped me better understand what the judges want to see. It really helped in my writing.
This is a great Bible lesson. I can see it being broken into several segments as a study, taking each of Jesus' sayings about sowing and reaping to learn from. Thank you. Nicely done.

This is a great mini sermon. You definitely nailed the topic. Having a proofreader to catch errors (ethic-roots instead of ethnic, it's instead of its) and tightening up some sentences to avoid repetition might help pull readers in more. For example, I might edit the second paragraph like this:In the Bible, Jesus speaks directly about this topic. He focuses not only about financial reaping, but more importantly about the effect of what you sow has on the spiritual realm.
By tightening some of this, it can give you more space to include some original examples of how this has impacted you or someone you know. Adding things like that make it easier for the reader to connect and see things in a new way. Be mindful of how you speak directly to the reader so you don't accidentally exclude a reader. For example, you say, We know he spoke... This strikes me more of a study for people new to the faith, so they may not know how Jesus spoke in parables.
You have a great foundation here. I challenge you to read and comment on every piece in this level and several in Masters. By figuring out what does or doesn't work for you in other articles, you'll be able to apply those things to your writings. This would be great for people not familiar with the Bible. I can feel your passion to spread God's Word and he has given you a talent to do just that. I look forward to reading more of your work.
This was a great devotional and had a lot of messages throughout this piece, and a whole lot of truth.

Thank you for your message.


I like that you referenced the words we speak as being seeds in others lives. Very important truth to remember Blessings