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Awww! I was thinking along the lines of eating too many cookies, but this is such as sweet story! When I was a teenager, there was a women at church that was known for giving away sticks of gum. I still remember the gum lady 50 years later! Well done!
Being known for your kindness is an incredible legacy to leave in your wake. I love this. There's a wonderful lesson on the value of giving here.
What a nice way to be remembered.
Well done. Cookies being used as a means of outreach to spread joy.
This is a sweet story. It's nice to see how a mother-daughter tradition can grow into such a huge ministry. I loved the opening paragraph with the vivid descriptions of the mess. I thought that might play more into the story. For me, the story's pacing was a bit slow. Sometimes details are a great way to envision the scene before me, but sometimes they can slow the story down. For example instead of listing all of the sports, instead something like: she baked cookies for every game, match, or meet
might help with that pacing. The ending, which often is the hardest part was perfect. It made me smile and reinforced the beautiful message sprinkled throughout this charming story. It shows how a simple act can touch people in many ways, sowing seeds of love.
Great opening paragraph...descriptive and visual. Overall, a good story. (I had a friend who was like your MC but she baked pies. At her funeral, many folks who had been blessed by her pie "ministry" brought pies. There were about two hundred pies at the meal after the funeral.)
Your cookie story made me hungry! I enjoyed the journey of a "giving" soul and was reminded how little acts of kindness are wonderful seeds to be sown.
Good content here. A bit more showing through dialogue and character interaction through story and it would really sing.
Congratulations on ranking 17 overall. Happy Dance!
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I especially love your story because it shows love and selflessness for your child in action. She reaped the benefits and carried it forward to love on others. What a wonderful legacy you and your daughter will leave.
I'm reminded of an amazing woman in our church who is famous for her cookies. I smiled as I read through this story of "sweet" love.