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I've always appreciated this story-how a wife intervenes to prevent a crisis. I liked your take on it. You seemed to get confused with the spelling of sow and sown. It would have been more interesting to me had you had dialog with the characters- show, don't tell. Bible story re-telling stories are fun to read.
I’m always drawn to Biblical accounts. This was written almost like a news brief. I think you may have mistaken sew (needle and thread) with sow (plant seeds). Otherwise, I think you’ve done a really nice job with this.

This is a nice retelling of the story. I'd have loved to seen more dialog. It's okay to tell the story from one person's POV and add dialog that wasn't in the Bible. It's biblical fiction and often will help the reader see the story in a way never before seen. You start doing that, but just need to take it a step farther. You've a great foundation here. You definitely were on topic and you have a clear message. Good job.
Such a great story to pull on for the topic. The others comments are the same for me - pick a POV - make the story leap from the page. Blessings