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I enjoyed reading your devotion and the way you personalized the subject of rain. Well done!
A wonderful devotional with a solid message and great scriptures to reflect on.

One thing -you meant lightning, not lightening in the first sentence. Lightening means to lighten.
I remember when my cats were afraid of the loud noise of thunder or fireworks- they would go hide somewhere. Great analogy! Some nonbelievers scoff that Christianity is a crutch, but I think great- I NEED the crutch. Good job on your devotional!
What a great devotional! I like how you applied the dog's actions to ours when we are afraid. Well done.
This is an outstanding devotion. I really could relate to your message. I'm a big worrier and need to keep handing my worries to God and not yank them back again. The coolest thing though, is no matter how many times I yank back my worries, God is always standing with open arms. Your words really reminded me of that and the timing is great. The only red ink I have is tiny. The way the opening is worded, it seemed like the thunder and lightning happened when you were still asleep, and if it didn't wake you, you wouldn't know about it. Just switching the order around would fix that though. After I got past that, I was totally captivated in the pictures you painted for me. I could almost feel the frightened dog's breath on me because your descriptions were that good. I also think you picked fantastic verses to go along with your strong message. I especially liked the prayer and after reading it the first time, I went through and truly prayed it. It's a great example of how we should pray. I may copy it onto my window and pray it several times a day.
Using your dog's fear was an excellent analogy to begin this encouraging devotion.
Excellent devotion to remind us we truly aren't exempt from life's storms. I especially liked the opening with the dog. Well done.
I love this timely and honest devotional. The only suggestion I have is a proofing one. In paragraph 5, the quote within a quote, you only need the quote and then a single quote inside (ex. Paul's words "the Lord said to me, 'My grace is sufficient ...'"). Other than that, excellent work. I'd totally purchase a book of devotionals from you.
Love this entire piece. The words, the descriptions, the prayer at the end, and the little dog, Jo Jo...

Amazing...truly well done.
Thank you.

This devotion draws the reader in right away, and you make some good points throughout. You give the reader some things to think about. Nicely done.
Congratulations on ranking 21 overall. Happy Dance!