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I have only heard about this, never experienced it myself. What a truly touching sight that must have been. So well written.
What a touching piece. I like something that makes me think and that makes me feel something and this did both. Well done.
Wow. As the daughter and wife of veterans, this touched me deeply. I love it so much.
Oh, I hadn't heard of them spraying the planes. What a beautiful tribute! Although free verse doesn't follow any poetry rules, it also isn't prose broken up into shorter lines. I've seen prose mixed with poetry. The the repeated stanza really added to the mood.
This was such a lovely tribute to all the service members who sacrifice their lives to give us freedom

I liked the unique way the category rain was used

This is so beautiful. It creates such a vivid picture in my mind and a lump in my throat. What an honor to travel with such a hero. This is stunning and touches my heart deeply.
Beautifully and inspirationally written, with great imagery and emotion
I have never seen this in person, but felt like you transported me there with you. Lovely writing! :)
Thank you for sharing. So sad that families have to go through all that pain of losing loved ones. Beautiful tribute given to the fallen hero with the shower of rain. I live in view of a naval basin - and often the tug boats spray out their water - as you saw in the plane - whenever i see that in the future I will be reminded of the fallen heroes. Thank you.
I felt like I was in the plane with you. Such a beautifully written tribute to a beautiful ceremony. I really liked the take on the topic.
Thank you for this powerfully moving and poignant entry. It was profoundly touching and told with precision in which I felt as if I was there.

God bless you and all those who have gone this route...


Congratulations on your Highly Commended award in the Advanced Category