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I could almost see this as some kind of kid song, especially near the end. Your title and reference could have been better phrased, considering what "gay" means these days. Great examples of youth in the Bible.
Excellent job with this!
The writer is merely redeeming the use of the word “gay” at its heyday before its fall or corruption. He thinks it’s best to use it confidently and boldly, under poetic license, in literature. Such a title attracts curious readers but it aims to undo the stereotyping of the word. History begins when its original meaning is restored.
This is a lovely poem that tells a powerful story. I didn't think twice about the word gay in the title. (I'm not big on paying attention to titles, but I did notice this one.) I think it was used appropriately in the poem too. I will mention the little typos or missing commas (which I understand is a creative choice in poetry), that made me stop and reread. You used commas later in the piece, so an occasional one in the beginning would have helped my flow. Caves hopping sounded odd to my ear. Even though he went to several caves, I think cave hopping sounds better to my ear, but that's just my opinion and a tiny thing. I also thought it might flow better as Israel's king (with apostrophe s), but again poetry isn't my strong suit and the important thing, after some stumbles in my reading, the message still spoke to my heart.
I liked your take on this topic. I got a little confused the first time through, who was being talked about - the transition from Moses to David seemed a little unclear to me. I liked the Biblical references to youth and the application. Thanks for sharing!