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This starts out rather light-hearted, and then the twist. Great job! I've heard before how we would complain less if we had to deal with some one else's pain. Thank you for sharing.
Wow! This just blew me away. I seriously have tears in my eyes. This has been a really tough week for me physically and emotionally. I've dealt with significant health issues and pain for almost 2/3 of my life. It's easy to fall into a funk, but you've reminded me of my blessings. I've always known that others suffer way more than I do, but it's nice to be reminded. I know God prompted you to write this and for me to read it on a day where I felt like giving up. You've truly made a difference in my attitude. Thank you for obeying God and letting him soothe my pain through your words.
This has blown me away...thank you for the reminder of how there are always others among us who are going through trials, and pain, sometimes greater than ours.

This touched my heart and made me bolt upright in my seat.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

And, God bless you and yours~
I liked the lighthearted feel of this in the beginning. And then you turned it, and the rest made me teary-eyed. What an incredibly hard road for a young guy. You were on topic and shared a meaningful message without banging us over the head with it. Well done!
I should have written this. Right on target and you'll touch a lot of people with this !
I was touched by the sadness in your "from the heart" poem. The last verse was the best of all.
You really put the aches, pains and challenges of life in perspective. Why is it so easy for us to grumble and complain?

Thank you for reminding us to live in gratitude and compassion for others and not just in our own grumbling.
Excellent reminder that although we sometimes complain, others are facing worse trials.
thanks for sharing this.