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Excellent! Amen...lovely and powerful message, well done!

I like your analogy of dieting. Been there, done that! I've never considered it in this light, however!
Your article was very well written and had a wonderful message. Fulfillment truly comes only from God's love. Well done.
You make some great points in this. I like the idea of subbing the word happy with blessed to get another take on the verses, a way that might be clearer to some. Although I realize you're trying to make a point, you do use the word happy or a form of it quite a bit. Perhaps tightening some of the sentences or using synonyms might cut down on some of that. You definitely wrote on topic. While not everyone may agree that blessed means happy according to the Bible, I think you put it in terms that are easier to understand and did so in a fresh way. Also having a different perspective often will make the reader stop and think or even research the Bible and decide for herself what God means when using the word, blessed. I think it's always good when an author compels a reader to think. Good job.