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Such a powerful message wrapped into this well written piece.
Thank you,
I think that we at times all feel like misfits in some area of our social circles. Sorry that you feel like that in all or most of your circles.

I love the reminder that He is enough for us.

This is a nice devotion. The Bible verse is a great fit for the topic. When I first joined the challenge, someone suggested to write down first 5 ideas from topic, then throw them away because they are likely same ideas others had. If you feel the Holy Spirit calling you to write on that topic, try to find an out-of-the-box idea. There have been quite a few Beatitudes stories this week, but some are quite original. I really like how you added the prayer at the end too.
Oh I also wanted to say you have a gift of writing devotions. You might need to trim the word count down some, but if you haven't submitted your devotions to FW daily devotions, you really should. You will bless tens of thousands from all over the world with your words. You make me stop and reflect on my own life, and that is one of the purposes of a great devotion!
This was beautifully presented devotions, an honest and open reminder that God loves us just as we are
I can relate to this. You make a good point in this piece that is a good reminder for many. Nicely done.
What a lovely little lesson! The "misfit" reference is something we have probably all felt we were at some point. I enjoyed this. Very well done.
I think we all feel like misfits sometimes. I know I do.

I do hope you're able to find good community and some true, close friends, whether that be online or "in the flesh."
What a tender, honest contemplation that millions of people have struggled with, some for short periods and some much longer. We all seem to overlook the beautiful parts of our lives that others see but we fail to recognize. Man may look on the outside but the real beauty is in the heart, as our Lord so tenderly reminds us when He assures us of His undying love.
From one happy misfit to another, well done. The description you gave of yourself was like looking into a mirror.
I think all of us can relate to this at some level. I remember being in an all-girls school and being totally out of place. They were all much older than I was (I had skipped 2 grades) and their interests were so different from mine.

This works well as a devotional but as Shann said, might need to be cut a bit.

I loved the positive ending.