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I loved this piece! When you brought up still water, my mind went to that verse in the psalms, and then you talked about it. What a perfect segue! I really liked how you tied up the option of a coke to still water life. Well done, and I sure hope this places well!
What an amazing revelation. I love when God shows us things through life experience and those little things. This was written so well! Well done. Wow is all I can say.
You caught my attention in the beginning, and I like how you tied everything together. Nice job.
I love the water analogy you used here. This held my interest from first word to last. Very nicely done.
This is a wonderful devotional piece. I like the discovery that brings up the analogy to "still water," and the connection you made with the Twenty-third Paslm.
Simply Beautiful!
Thank you.
What a unique take on the topic, and so fitting too.

As a Brit now living in the States I realised there are many terms and phrases that do not translate from one side of the pond to the other.

This is well written and definitely gives me pause for thought on my own coke/versus water choices.
I liked this. And I'll have to keep this in mind, should I ever venture across the ocean. I really don't like carbonation of any sort, so neither sparkling water nor soda would work for me.

I feel like maybe you could have expanded on this a bit. Like maybe a conversation with a waiter about what you want, and him not understanding you. I know now. It really does work as is, but I would have liked to see a bit more.

Definitely a good spiritual reminder here too! Still water.
I also would have been yearning for real water, as I do not like sparkling water and gave up pop/soda a few years ago. (Never did like colas, so Coke was out anyway.)

I like the tie-in to the Psalm and the analogy of coke vs water in our lives. This might have been strengthened by expanding it a bit, but is still strong as is.

Great job.
This was worth a second read through. My vision of heaven has always been walking with my Savior through a green meadow to sit beside a gently flowing creek of still water. Your entry made it even more real.