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Hahahaha! This was great and the ending, oh the ending was perfect! LOL
Hehe...fantastic! It made me laugh out loud, and that's not easy to do!
Very interesting. I especially liked your reference to Jungle Book.
this is so clever! I really enjoyed it.
Top notch!
This would make a great skit.
That was great!I could see the whole thign :)
This was awesome! Fantastic! It could be used so many different ways! What a fun read!
Incredible! You've managed to wrap a wonderful lesson up inside a funny attention-grabbing story. I can see this as a skit, an illustration for a sermon or lesson, a children's comic, or even a book-length MS. Well-done!
This is great, Kenn. I think youngsters too, would love it, maybe a whole series. More, encore! LOL!
A Masterpiece of artistic Creativity! What else can I say? "Batteries not included" only works with God's Word in Mankind's Heart! Give this Author a Gold Medal!
Oh, very well done! Entertaining, provocative, great dialogue and oodles of truth. What more could I want.
Demons playing with Christian action figures, huh? All from the word 'start'. Waaaay more creative than I was this week (probably most other entries too! lol)

This was fun to read and kept me guessing what type of animal they were for a while. Never would have suspected demons.

On a serious note, it painted a picture of us as toys to play with, but something to fear when the word of God is applied to our hearts. Great message.
Thank you for not boring me! I loved this. Great writing.
lol.. I loved it. Very creative and well written! This is a keeper... a very strong entry!
Initially I was drawn in by the title, and was I glad! Good use of humor to teach a very important lesson. Very creative! Good job.