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I really like this one - love the 'moral' at the end of it, I think we sometimes that winning does not always mean one victor.

A couple of things, there was a period instead of a comma (and honestly I think the sentence didn't even need the comma).

Secondly - you had 'breath deep' instead of 'breathe deep'.

This is solid - a great tale.
I felt a part of this battle you described so well. And I felt the surprise at the end of no one winning while both won by standing their ground with all the strength they had. Very well done, all the way! Loved the moral.
This was an action filled story, but I'm not sure what was really going on. Why the swords? The names were unusual, too. Maybe allegorical? I like how the winning was in staying in the game.
Very well done,
"There isn't always just one winner." True, yet we are conditioned to think otherwise.
Am wondering if this might be a Medieval game or training of some sort?
I liked it. Well done!
Well written story with a great ending. I like the idea of both winning. Well done. :)
Good story that clearly hit the theme 'win.' A couple of small typos which have been commented upon and also an extra 'can' in the second last stanza. Otherwise good job.
This is good. I love the tie in at the end too. Sometimes all we have to do is stand.
Well done!
I like how you showed the spiritual truth even without saying it. Although, anyone who knew the verses in Ephesians would have recognized the words in the last sentence.
Great writing.
This was an excellent story to illustrate the importance of "standing." I enjoyed the story and especially liked the definition o "winning."
What a great entry. All I could think of was Ephesians 6:13... "and, having done all, to stand (firmly)."

You made this come alive in a wonderful way. Big time Kudos !!
Wow this is outstanding! You did a wonderful job of pulling me in and keeping me invested the entire time. Congratulations on ranking 1st in your level and an EC too. Happy Dance!
Congratulations on winning 1st place in the Advanced category and 9th overall, Sharie. Are you moving up to Masters?

What a good lesson.
Well deserved 1st place!
Beautifully written.