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I have run several 5Ks and they can be fun! But I have also struggled and seen people run by me and the discouragement sets in. Well done for participating and running 'your' race.
I have never run a 5K, but want to one day. My church has a run/walk life group. A couple years ago, the group raised money to go to Cambodia on a mission's trip to work in a home for girls rescued from human trafficking. And you DID win. You finished.
Well done!
This was an uplifting and powerful story.

Yes, it is how we should be - with our eyes fixed on Jesus. Excellent reminder.
I could feel the pain and discouragement of the runner, yet she finished. Well done.
You did a good job at describing the pain and the struggle yet ended it with a message of satisfaction and hope. I liked the interaction between the two women and was glad they had each other. Well done.
Oh this is good.

One little bit of "red ink." I thought the very last paragraph took away from it just a bit. Your point would have been well made without it, just the verse at the end. Or maybe, ending it with. "It's hard, but I finished. Just like my wlak with Christ." But the whole paragraph kind of shifted the point when I dind't really feel it needed to be shifted, if that makes sense.

Over all though, great job! I also did a 5K... I joke that everyone saw my back... Not because I was winning, but because everyone was passing me! Ha! I wasn't last, but I was in the first wave, and I'm pretty sure people form waves 2, 3, 4, 5... etc. passed me. :)
I've never run a race but admire those who do. I loved the details of this story, especially the last paragraph. It got me thinking, "When I come to the end of my earthly race, how will I enter the gates of heaven? Will I run through in Victory? Will I limp in and collapse from exhaustion just inside the gate? Will I be ashamed of my finish or, knowing I did my very best, leave it up to the Judge to determine whether I ran the race worthy of any prize at all? I liked this entry very much!
Oh... I could feel your pain. I've never done a 5K, running or walking, and I doubt I could do one now.
I also think that your last paragraph, although true and good, took away from the story. Perhaps you could have intermingled the comparison to your Christian walk.
Keep writing..."You're getting there."
I have never entered a 5K--never had any interest in trying to. Yet, I am inspired by you efforts, even when you didn't feel like continuing. You told your story well--and you are definitely a winner.
Wow! Wish I could write like that. I was there with you.