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Yes, Jesus' beautiful feet. I believe this article will minister to somene in particular, someone who will find it as an answer to a prayer. Thank you for lifting up and honoring our Savior with your writing.
Although I've read quite a few stories about Jesus' feet this week, you make some great points that are backed up by Scripture. When I joined 9 years ago, I received some great advice: Upon hearing the topic, jot down the first five ideas you think of, then throw them away because that's what others are thinking too. Then dig deeper than those first five ideas. If you strongly feel God is leading you a particular, yet common way, try to think of a uncommon way to write the story. Perhaps take it from the perspective of the left foot chatting with the right foot or from the POV of Jesus' sandals and Judas' footwear, or something else that is unique. I'd love to challenge you to do that next week or since this week is a break, maybe tackle feet again, but in a different voice, from a different angle. You definitely have talent and know your Bible well.I wouldn't suggest this challenge if I didn't have great faith in you. I could even see it as a juxtaposition of two stories, and you could then submit to the regular article submission section. Perhaps make one a humorous take on it, but your overall message could be the same strong message as this one. You have passion for spreading the love of Jesus and it is palpable in this piece. I pray before I comment, asking God to guide me and I believe he has a great plan for you and your words. It may be different than you can imagine, but follow the Holy Spirit and you'll discover something sensational. I really liked your ending. I marvel how God sets the scene for us over months, years, or even centuries. It's all a part of his plan, and you made that quite clear. Good job. I look forward to reading more of your inspired pieces.
I agree with Shann's assessment. You could take this many different ways. Keep up the writing!
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