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Oh my goodness. What an inspiring word this is. Yes, Jesus the Good Shepherd, our example to follow...leave the 99 in order to go after the one. We might get hurt, but He will personally heal our wounds. The message penetrated deep into my spirit. A true testimony of a shepherd...what a blessing. Thank you.
A well told story with a nice kick in the pants for the reader at the end...thanks.
There's nothing quite like being humbled by your kid's wisdom, unless it's being humbled by your pet! You did a splendid job of building the story. God has plans for us all, even his beloved critters. Well done.
I liked the comparison and the lesson. Good descriptive writing.
However, one must be careful of grammar: "Curley’s dark brown eyes shone eagerly. Sitting nearby, every fiber of her Border collie body waited attentively until I finished counting the flock." You have only introduced Curly and then said " Sitting nearby" The natural conclusion is that Curly is sitting nearby something. "Sitting nearby me" or "As he sat near me." would clear it up.
I enjoyed your descriptions of his enthusiastic obedience.

Wow, your descriptions brought on intense imagery for me! Well done.

Brilliant and powerful in content and delivery!

Fantastic message, loved this story so much.

This would be fabulous as a short story, you are such a talented and gifted writer. Keep bringing these kind of stories to us, we need more of them.

So clever...thank you for this well deserved EC entry.

God bless~