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Gret work here. So many people have anxiety attacks. You show them how to overcome! I used to have them, a long time ago, but the Lord completely delivered me from them. Prasie God one day there will be no more fear.

And about the "fear of seeing an angel." Well, a few months ago I told the Lord that many people see angels, and I reminded Him that His Word says that he is no respecter of persons, and that I'd like to see one. One night a month or so later, I was sitting alone and reading His Word, and I saw something strange in the room where I sat, and as I focused on it, it got brighter and brighter and seemed to be moving towards me. "Ahhhhhhh! Ok Lord, Ok! It's fine! I don't need to see one", I said to Him. It was terrifying! Lol! So I can relate to what you have writtten about angels! I don't need to see one unless the Lord decides I do. Thanks for such an encouraging and comforting post. God bless you!
Wow! I loved your honest and straight to the heart entry, you bared your soul about fear, most people would never admit theirs.

We are after all, human and that's why we have God to help us in these moments of "fear."

I especially loved this part:
<I>"One of my mom's most oft repeated phrases was, "The Lord knows all about it." It's only now that I recognize how truly profound and comforting those words are. When anxious thoughts start to overwhelm me, I whisper my mom's words back to myself and it’s almost like she’s still her here with me, reminding me I'm never alone--I can fearlessly rest in His everlasting arms." </I>

Wow! I loved your whole entry...Thank you for sharing!

God bless you~
I chuckled at your opening line about reading the Bible in a year. I'm not sure where the topic of shop came in, other than the visit to Macy's. Maybe your whole story could have developed around that future you concept. I love your chatty tone to the story.
This story is one that offers insight into the world of our fears and was well written in an easy engaging way. Not sure though that it had the topic of shop clearly and convincingly woven through it. Keep writing!