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I can see the hand of the Creator reaching, pointing - and His heart seeking for us to love Him.
Nicely written.
Pictorial writing,with Him at work,that hand is still extended,I can see it in your writing.Thank You.
Oh, so beautiful. I love it, especially your ending.
Oh I loved this - I felt like I was there. You could have kept going, and going and going. Wonderful description.
Oh how I want more! This is so Wow! So THAT'S how you do it! Absolutely perfect - one of MY favorites! Every word a delight! I hope, hope, hope this places!
Very beautiful creation account. Wonderful writing! A blessing!
Wonderful images!
Great idea. Beautifully written and left me wanting more.
Who says the platypus is ridiculous??? They are beautiful creatures! LOL. This was lovely yet different. Well done.
Definitely very poetic, as all prose should be, each word chosen to evoke the most response in the reader. A delightful piece of prosetory. :-)
Absolutely beautiful! Words cannot express the beauty written here. I loved it!
Reading this, I pictured God creating the world half as a conductor pointing to each musician, queuing their music and half as a child delightfully creating a masterpiece while at play. Beautiful job.
This is actually very cool! I appreciated the simply recounting of creation. Great take on the topic. It held together nicely.
Jan, this is wonderful! Your images are exciting and full of that precious first life at the hands of Creator God! I'm wondering about what it would sound like in present tense though...what do you think?
'A Poem in Prose' is a good description indeed! This is beautiful.