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What a message! And I love the way your title contrasts with your first line. That alone makes the reader want to read it to find out what you did to fill the void. I don't know a lot about poetry, so maybe that's the reason I couldn't find a pattern...some parts seem to rhyme, and some don't. But it's still a wonderful piece with potential to reach others for Christ. I could relate, and others will also be able to relate.
What if everyone who posted in Challenge entries also commented on/critiqued at least three others? I'm shocked that so many post, and so few read and post a review for others. It seems only a few people have the courtesy to critique but would like the critiques on their own. I am new here, and originally was excited about this site. If you are one who DOES regularly read and comment on others work, then may the Lord bless you mightily and publish you quickly.
This piece truly portrayed the emptiness, sadness and pitifulness of living life for self. The last stanza made me feel hopeful again. Christ is our only answer to vanity. Thank you and well done.
Wow this is powerful. You do a fine job of painting a vivid picture. I could feel the MC's angst. You nailed the topic, delivered a strong message, and touched my heart.