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Thank you for sharing this beautiful glimpse into your life. Your contentedness and thankfulness during this difficult season so inspires me.
Enjoyed this heart-warming account so much. I tend to think of TV in a negative way, and it is good to be reminded that it can be a very positive influence. Thanks for sharing - and I hope your entry does well!
I agree that to present TV within a palliative setting may run counter to the negatives that it so easily brings to mind.
Thanks for sharing the joy and anguish of caring for someone whose personality and vivacity is corroding from somewhere within them. You've covered this with warmth and honesty, as you show the value of visiting help - for while you can love 24/7, it is not possible to care 24/7. I hope I've just read a winner.
Great job with views about TV and your message overall.
Thanks for the glimpse into your life as a caregiver of a beloved.

Your ability to give thanks and rely on the Lord for the strength needed each day and to be positive about this season of life for you and your husband is an inspiration.

Well written.

This is a very heart felt period of time in your life. Well written showing creativeness on writers part to fill the day or week with contentment while rendering the needed service.

A short article like this might be welcomed by some health magazines. It is real life being lived to the fullest.
I agree with the previous comment. I believe you need to write for magazines...anything to help us understand what your life is like. Great writing.
Thank you for opening a window
into your life during this
difficult time. Your faith
is evident and it's good to
know TV is a blessing for you
and your husband.