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This is a powerful piece. I'm sorry for these two difficult times that surely linger. Thank you for sharing and blessings on your 3rd place.
Nahum 1:7
Congratulations on 3rd place.
Thanks for sharing your
story. May your understanding
of our perfect heavenly father
grow day by day. Blessings.
This is a powerful piece, and I'm sure it was hard to write. I was just telling my husband yesterday about a memory of my grandfather that I thought was happy. It was only when I told someone else and he said how sad, did I realize it wasn't a happy memory, maybe the happiest I had of my grandfather, but overall not a good memory. It's funny how in a way your father was right. I bet he did believe he was doing the best he could with the hand that was dealt.
You make the reader stop and think, which is always good. Often, in true stories, there can be extra details the reader doesn't need or it can feel a bit scattered, but that's because it's so vivid in your head and those little details are set in your memory (like living on 20 acres or playing poker, both I'm sure are important to you, but not necessarily to the story). By trimming some of those details, it allows for more body language, dialog, and thoughts. The topic was there, but felt a bit of a stretch to me, but you had a powerful Christian message according to the new rule that really touched my heart and made me think and evoked myriad feelings from me. Congratulations on ranking 3rd in your level. Happy Dance!