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You touched upon a real problem for Christian leaders. I can imagine it isn’t too difficult to get caught up in the lie that you have to “fix everything” and lose sight of keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus and finding balance for family. Thank you for the important reminder.
You do a nice job of setting the stage right away with the first conflict. It drew me in.

Be careful with your punctuation with quotation marks. It should go inside the marks, and you only need one period. After taglines like he replied, you should have commas. Be careful of POV shifts. The story was told from James' perspective so he wouldn't know what his wife did after he left.

I liked the messages you had in this story. There were also more than one conflict too, which also made it intriguing. I liked the ending for the most part with the exception of the mysterious stranger, which is overdone a lot. I believe God sends us angels, but he also uses people, stories, and other ways to talk to us too. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box a bit. You definitely have the talent. Good job on the topic too.
Good job setting up the conflicts and giving glimpses of the issues through the dialogue. I'm glad this couple seems willing and able to start working through some of that.
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