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I appreciate the hope amidst the hardship. Well-written!
Wonderful descriptions - I could almost smell and feel the train. I had a feeling that was what was going to happen to the young girl. Well done.
Thank you for sharing this story - it needs to be told. I had heard of war orphans being sent to other parts of the British empire, but didn't realise the practise went back to before the turn of the century. This was very well-written. There was an element of suspense - I was afraid that Jenny's father would turn out to be an abuser - that added to the piece. Well done.
Very well-written, you really got under her skin. Bravo!
A very well written piece. Held my attention and carried me to the end. I wish I could say I enjoyed every word but I was enthralled. I didn't know about this and was captivated by this child. Great!
I wasn't ready for the 750 word limit to stop the story! I wanted to know more. Did she ever find real love and happiness? These poor babes. Very intriguing. Very good writing.
A compelling and well told story. You made us care for Jenny and her ongoing welfare very quickly as we witnessed her compassion for Olivia. A sad story that needs to be told.
I too thought her father was going to be an abuser. I think you could turn this story into a book. In a very short story you made the reader very interested in this childs well being. Very well written
Good writing! I wanted to hear a better ending but I know that wouldn't be historically accurate. Definantly kept me interested!
Nice historical lesson. I had forgotten about that practice. Well put together. Good job!
Ya know, history is not my thing but this held me captivated. Very well done!
Blessings, Lynda
I can only concur with previous comments, but wanted to add my encouragement to you, writing this with heart for the child you captured the reader. I agree with Candice, a book, or perhaps anthology of short stories from that same train would work very well.