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Thank you for sharing about hearing from God - I love that!
Beautiful! I loved this so much. Great message.

I really love your analogy between hearing aids and hearing from God. A great message.!
Very nice! Great analogy!
"His Spirit whispers to my spirit" is such a truth.That still small Voice is never noise..Praise Him!
I think we all need spiritual hearing aids from time to time. Liked your entry.
This is a lovely devotion. I like how you started with a real life story that helps the reader relate and pulls her in. I might encourage you to do a tad more showing to make more of a picture in the beginning. For example, I might suggest something like this:
A shrill noise startles me awake. Groaning, I fumble around trying to find my glasses. I squint at the clock. <i>Grrrr, it's only six-thirty! What type of fool calls that early? Oh I bet it's that pesky telemarketer again. <i> (the <i> would make italics in html, which indicates thoughts) Finally, I find my glasses, plop them down on my noise, and look at the caller ID. "Oh dear, I wonder what's wrong with my friend. Of course she's on the east coast so maybe..." I put the phone to my ear and cover my heart with my hand. I hadn't realized I'd been holding my breath so when I said, "Hello," it came out with a huge gasp.

I know I did a bit of rewriting, but sometimes it's easier to see what I mean with an example. Using body language, thoughts, and dialog can really help a scene to pop more.

I sense you have a delightful sense of humor, so I also wanted to expand on that a bit more. Even in a devotional, it's great to use the gift of humor that God clearly gave to you. Your message is a good one. I also think you were a bit outside of the box too, which is always great too.

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Oops, sorry, you ranked 6th in your level! Happy Dance!