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Well done on showing what deep emotions there are behind our annoyances.
I recently lost my father, who was not a good man, not saved and it is hard to know how to grieve. I appreciate so much how you write about the disparity of the mother and daughter's grief. It is honest, and the lesson that is presented in the last paragraph is good. The only thing that would have made it more powerful for me would have been to explore the mother's reasons for grieving like that. You did a great job with the daughter's frustrations!
Both my wife and I have experienced situations like this...really brought back memories.
great composition interlacing past with present.

Yes you were able to see the disparity between what the mom wanted/ needed from her parents and the reality of the absence of any real loving care from them.

Thanks it was a heartfelt read and I enjoyed it.
I omitted how in the choice of David's grief over wayward son is an example of how we all can fall into the same pit of unwholesome grief which is contrary to Godly grief.
Great job with this entry. Well done.

I like the way you wrote this and the great point you make at the end about considering the ways in which we have all annoyed God. Nice work.