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A powerful story -well done.
I feel God will use this piece to help someone start thinking or to encourage them to get back on the right track. Good job laying out the Hope that is waiting for everyone. So many people need this!
Mmm. A message here not only for those who have strayed into addictive behaviours but to we who are too blind to listen to God and be salt and light.
I feel as if I really know this woman. I like your writing style; very moody, especially in the first half of the piece. The last section doesn't ring quite so true for me; I think it might be the womens' words. I wonder if your narrator would retain them so accurately? Maybe she should be relating more of an impression of their message, to be consistent with the first half of the piece.

A beautiful, hopeful story.
Gripping story! I definantly want "to see" what happens.
Wow. I was able to follow the storyline through the hops in time... well put together. Excellent ending... not knowing what might happen but we can see the hope.
This was very realistic. How many of us find ourselves falling into the same traps again and again? Maybe not meth, etc. but other things, like eating, smoking, anger... Who can't relate? Nicely written piece, cleverly constructed, leaving the reader with a glimpse of hope.
Blessings, Lynda
I like the way you have the tension of will she go home, or back to her abusive husband ... and then change it by having her picked up (yikes!) by such a good person.

It's a reminder to each of us, too, from the other side of things, to be clued into what God is asking of us each day.

Well done.