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Amazing story based on real circumstances. Thankfully God pours out his love and grace to those that we consider unlovable.

The word smoldering was misspelled in the story.
Forgive me, Smouldering is an alternate spelling of smoldering.
This was a very intriguing story. I found myself wondering how things would turn out for both women. Some Red ink: the word women was twice used when speaking of the one woman.
Since you termed this entry noon- fiction but sited a source, I assume this was a retelling of one of the events in that source? If so, are all the thoughts and observations of the mc also non- fiction or are they based on a true event with added ideas as to the thoughts and observations which might have run through the mind of the mc?
This story should probably be labelled fiction. Although it is inspired by events of missionary Esther Ahn Kim and her journey with the woman who was supposed to be executed.
Congrats Loni!
Great job with this!
Congratulations on placing 4th place in the Advanced category, Loni.

I'm sure you just missed placing in the top 20.
Wow this gave me goosebumps right from the very beginning. You drew me in and held me to the end. My only suggestion is a personal preference--I love your descriptions, but you used too many metaphors/similes in my opinion. (For example, reread 4th paragraph.)
Overall, I think you did a great job though. I was inspired by the MC's faith and there is a great lesson in it. Congratulations on your HC.
I also agree about the nonfiction vs fiction comment. One way to fix it would be to say based on a true story or Creative nonfiction. :)