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This was a powerful and emotionally draining story.

I wept when I read of the difficulties your sister had to go through on her own

Her voice can be heard loud and cleat because of the journals she wrote.

My prayer is someone shared the love of Jesus during her sessions with the counselor.

I hope and pray that the children are not living with their father

Thank you for sharing such a personal and painful story
I am sure it will help other people by your sharing it.
Oh how my heart ached reading your sister's story, which will touch all those who read "her words."

Thank you for affording those who may be in this situation, or know of someone who might be, giving them courage and the fortitude to get out while they can, with the help of the Father.

Your sister's story, although painful, offers inspiration and there is joy in knowing she managed to get out and live as normal a life as possible after being subjected to such horrific circumstances.

Thank you for sharing this with us...and she is now an angel in heaven in peace, for all eternity.

BLessings to you and yours~
Unfortunately, your sister's heart wrenching story is more common than any of us want to believe. I am glad she had the courage to share her darkest thoughts in her journal. I believe she would have wanted for you to share some of her struggles, so others might leave their abusive spouses.

Try not to feel false guilt over not trying to help her more; I'm sure she was just trying to protect her family in the only way she knew how.
Unfortunately, pride keeps one from sharing also. A journal is a tool for survival though, with the hope, maybe subconsciously, that at some time it will be read and help in understanding. 2Corinthians 1:3-5 is a Word of encouragement for you and I believe the Lord reveals his Presence in such circumstances. Be blessed.
I have been praying for you and your family.

I believe this could be made into a book. However, I think the story could be more compelling if it was formatted as a journal. You could use some of the actual words of your sister.

This would eliminate telling us what happened but sharing your sisters.

If some of the entries are too personal you would not need to put them in
U meant to say sharing your sister's struggles and heartaches through her eyes.
This is a well written expose with pain and anguish oozing out all over.

Truth may hurt but the truth about Jesus is healing.
This is a well written expose with pain and anguish oozing out all over.

Truth may hurt but the truth about Jesus is healing.
Heartrending but true story for many people. Well written.

Excellent.The theme, content, tone, style... were all splendid. Keep sharing.

Congratulations on your 3rd place in the Advanced Division
Congratulations on your 3rd place finish in the Advanced category, Marilyn.

I hope sharing your sister's journal will help you begin to heal.