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Very moving description. I remember my own mother's long battle, and thank God that though the battle is real, there is help—both human and divine that can ease the pain. Well done.
The emotions in this piece were raw and real. This was a forthright story about a debilitating illness.

This story had a powerful message.

Don't give up and seek help when necessary when your troubles seem too overwhelming to handle on your own.

Thank you for your courage in writing about the struggles with depression.

God Bless
Depression is a very suffocating and life depleting disorder which you described very well.

My career was based in nursing homes, and having been witness to this debilitating disease of the mind, this story resonates the struggles of all those who have it.

Thanks for sharing your heart with our hearts.

The MC described the debilitating effects of Depression well.

I hope those who are suffering reach out and get help!
to me, the story did not seem like a story about depression but a story of a person not content or satisfied with the complexion God had given her.

It was all good except for the final sentence.
Congratulations on finishing highly commendable in the Advanced category this week, Lisa.