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This is a very touching devotional. Your manner of expressing your throughts in the beginning drew me into your message. I do wonder if maybe the verse at the end was a bit too long? Of course, it is wonderful to read, though! Thanks for sharing and keep writing!
This is a touching devotion. I especially liked the beginning. I can definitely relate to that. It's been 23 years since Mom has been gone.

I noticed some little technical issues: a semicolon that didn't separate two independent clauses, a missing comma before the word, and,l that did link two complete clauses, and not capping Mom when it was used as a name.
In my opinion, the ending didn't feel as connected to the first section. I think you could fix it with a stronger transition (but that's just one person's opinion, and you did have a quick transition).

I think you did a fine job of writing on topic. You didn't even need to use the phrase because you showed that hesitation well. You have a lot of talent and don't need to rely on clichés (elephant in room, beat around the bush). Your own words paint great pictures. It's easy to use old sayings, but don't doubt your own ability to describe what those sayings mean. Keep at it. You touched my heart and I'm eager to read more of your work.
You spoke from the heart on a subject that hits us all. We just buried my mother-in-law after a very long hard illness, just over a year ago. It won't be long now for my father-in-law. He is wasting. I remind myself often that "the suffering will not compare."
I was surprised at your switch at the end but loved your spirit of hope in it. Are we not commanded to "Comfort One another with these words."
Congratulations on your highly commended entry in the Advanced category this week, Janet.

Your clever title drew me in. I think most people hold out hope that their loved one will experience a miracle. While the family member is finally in heaven, the people on earth have to face that empty place in their soul.