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I liked the covert message in your story. It reminds me of Matt. 18:2-4. Certainly all of us can remember those agonizing "be stills."

Even as an adult I sometimes wonder if what we do at funerals really matters to the deceased?
Maybe, if it brings glory to our God - one more time; or leads one more too HIM.

Realistically written.
You nailed the topic. And in doing so reminded us of how difficult it is for a child to adapt to an adults view of what is respectful and disrespectful behavior.

That being said we all seem to have our own cultural ideas of good parenting.

I recently preached a funeral for a church member that was Marshallese. Their church had three to four hundred and I think half were children.

The children were given free run while the services were conducted. I adapted and all was well.

I remember telling the congregations at the churches I had preached at, when I was a full time minister, that a baby's crying wouldn't bother me. And if I couldn't preach over that child, well I wasn't much of a preacher.

Now that being said. I personally had my children knowing when to play, how to act in public and that there was always a bathroom to remind them. But some cultures see it differently.

Good message, well delivered. God bless
I love this. A reminder that there are different ways to celebrate, honor and remember those who have gone.