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Have we all not lost someone we loved when we have not known success witnessing to them? Personally at times it has driven me on witnessing more persistently and we always need that reminder; yet there is free-choice even though it is God's will that none should perish. We can only pray and present the gospel - each must choose what to do with it.

Thank you for the well written reminder. I only hope for your sake it wasn't true.
This touched my heart, a cousin of mine whom I grew up with died recently.

It saddened me to lose him so young, but it saddened me because he lost His faith so long ago, and never got it back.

Great job with the topic,
Well done,
I appreciate the dramatic presentation of what we've all faced: to press the issue of salvation to those who seem resistant to the Gospel, or let it go in the interest of peace and harmony. This is well-written, and the brevity helps reinforce the seriousness of the matter. Thank you for a successful piece.
What a sad story? Compassion for the lost should move us to share the gospel whenever possible. People die all the time, all around us.
Your compelling story shows how one can refuse the Lord one time too many. We should alwa us be able to say that we tried at least one more time to share. Good job and congratulations on your HC this week.