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ha ha this is poignant and hit home for me!
I love the ending--God is funny, isn't He? And I loved your taunting potato chips. In my house, the chocolate does most of the talking, but I can certainly relate. Very well done!
A reminiscent tale of many temptations of my own. Very well done. Escaping from food temptation is a daily battle isn't it? This is great!
Have you been eavesdropping? Truth bites. Love the ending.
You made me smile, then guffaw. You've been peeking into my life, haven't you? Well done!
"And we're a BRAND NAME, too, not the store brand, because you bought them for other people."---HILARIOUS! Ironically, this EXACT thing happened last night. Except the falling on the floor part. They fell in my belly. I'll remember this next time. Oh, yeah. They were store brand. Yuck. A great piece--best wishes on winning.
Ha ha! This is a great little story! Relatable, humourous, and poignant. Great job!
Great title-pulled my right to it! Still laughin...
Good job!
Hahaha! ROFL! Yep, been there, done that!!!
rofl! From title to execution... most enjoyable. Next time just send the chips to me. I'll make sure they find a good home! ;-)

Too funny!
The tyranny of the junk food....yup, I know all about it. :-)

This was a fun story - and I have no doubt that it's true!!