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It sounds like a Mom experiencing the problem of winning over the wills of children.

Interesting, cleverly written, very plausible.
Ha I can relate to this story very well. Trickery is a mum's desperate measure, and you have shown that it works! Colin did become Johnny once towards the end of the story, but otherwise, very good.
Great story and fun to read. I did wonder that he accepted pumpkin so readily, but his Mum's creative thinking was brilliant.
I really enjoyed this story. It was cute and relatable. I think Collin gave in a bit too easily though. I remember refusing to eat pizza and spaghetti (my former favorites) when I learned they had the disgusting tomatoes in them. You nailed the topic and it was creative and fun. A great read. If you can find a way to make the kid the hero (perhaps have Sally come up with the ideas to disguise the food), it would make a great children's story.