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Truly a story of hope, and of the seductiveness of the enemy. Few people paint satan as an attractive woman, most prefer the image of a filthy, nasty demon, yet he comes to us with the sweetest demeanor he can muster.
And the hope you portrayed! Yes, the enemy can be overcome. He can be stopped. Thank you for sharing.

God bless,

Oh, well done! Perfect title, and the slow revelation of the identity of your antagonist--I'm madly applauding.
Well told with just the right amount of suspense.
A good portrayal for those who struggle with temptation esp alcohol, an ever present seduction that takes strong character, determination and good planning to resist. Well written, well chosen subject.
Well done. Very well done.
Great easy to read writing with a good moral lesson for all.
Yes! And Yes! Good job on this! Very good job!
You have proved a point! If you want to get a person's attention... as in: (commercials, sitcoms, movies, books, stories) you start right off with something exciting, something sultry, something alluring and the fly walks into the web. I continued on with your story beause you invited me in with your seductress - and then I found your piece to be a real gem of truth! Very well done...grab the reader, intrigue them and then keep them. You did just that, and then got your message across.
Nice job!
Sucked me right in! Loved how you subtly worked the personification of desire for alcohol into the story, its devastating affects, the hard road forward and yet left us with hope. Yeggy
You did a terrific job of making Desiree seem like an old mistress, which in a way alcohol had become to your MC.
Nice touch having Peggy plop "into the overstuffed armchair" that Desiree had just vacated, in case a reader hadn't figured out that Desiree (desire) wasn't human.
Good reminder that with a recovering alcoholic, the temptation and the choice is as close as "[e]very bad day you have, every celebration you attend, every fight you have with your wife". That's the testimony of many recovering alcoholics.
Great writing!
I can't add anything new to the comments. Just a hearty "Here here!" This was brilliantly written. I hope it's a winner!
Wow! Wonderful writing from a truly skilled author! Yes, his wife taking the seductress' place in the armchair was a 'stroke of genius' in writing this one! Excellent!
Most excellent work. You're a very strong author.. great skill exhibited in this piece!
*Applause* There's nothing I can add. This was brilliant. Well done.
Wow - I agree with everyone - this is an amazing work!! The moment Peggy plopped in the overstuffed armchair...I about jumped out of mine!!!!